Upcoming AdviserLogic Webinars

Ongoing live training webinars
Our live training webinars are designed and delivered by our specialist customer success managers exclusively for Morningstar AdviserLogic subscribers. See below for more details and please join us for any sessions that are of interest to you. 

When: Every Tuesday (we will also have extra sessions relevant for you from time to time)

Session times: 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. (AEDT)

Meet the Presenters

Tuesday 2 March
11:30 a.m. New User - Get the most out of your AdviserLogic
This session is aimed at providing new users with an understanding of the different AdviserLogic features and the best approach to training. As you begin your AdviserLogic journey it can be helpful to hear from other new users, come along to this interactive session and ask our trainers anything!

It is recommended you have watched the Getting Started sessions to familiarise yourself with basic navigation of the site and data entry.
12:30 p.m. Digital Advice SoA Production for Beginners
The Digital Advice tool is used to produce a Statement of Advice in AdviserLogic.

This session will cover: the basics of the Digital Advice tool, how to access the tool and the most up to date SoA template, selecting strategies and downloading the SoA to Word

We recommend you have a solid understanding of Fact Find Data Entry.

Tuesday 9 March
11:30 a.m. Sending FSG in bulk
Efficiently manage the sending on your Financial Services Guides through our Bulk FSG functionality. Send and record the latest FSG to all or a large groups of your clients at once.
12:30 p.m. Morningstar Research & AdviserLogic
We are pleased to invite you to learn more on using and implementing Morningstar research into your Advice procedures.

What you will learn in this webinar: Increase your knowledge on Morningstar's equity and fund research methodology, understand key parts of the research documents that you will provide to clients, learn how best to integrate Morningstar research with AdviserLogic and ask questions to our Customer Success Managers representing Morningstar and AdviserLogic.

Tuesday 16 March
11:30 a.m. Digital Advice Strategy - Non-super investment switch
Discover the newest strategy in Digital Advice - Non-Super Investment Switch.

You now have the ability to recommend a full or partial switch of existing non-super platforms whilst comparing ICR fees and viewing the existing vs recommended vs strategic risk profile asset allocation.

Its best to have a foundation understanding of the Digital Advice tool before attending this session. Watch the Digital Advice Overview and Settings session on our eLearning site.
12:30 p.m. Managing your FOFA requirements in AdviserLogic
The session focuses on setting up your AdviserLogic account so it is ready to produce your FDS and Opt in documents when needed.

We will cover: setting up service packages and linking to clients, managing FDS & Opt in dates in client records and uploading client fees into AdviserLogic.

Tuesday 23 March
11:30 a.m. Risk Quoting & Comparison Tool
Take a deep dive into AdviserLogic's Risk Quoting and Comparison Tool.

This session will cover: Needs Analysis Data Input and Assumptions, Quoting & Research.
12:30 p.m. Finametrica Risk Profiling Tool
Learn about the Finametrica Risk Profiling tool and how it integrates with AdviserLogic

Tuesday 30 March
11:30 a.m. Digital Advice - Editing your SoA
There are two keys ways to edit your Statement of Advice when producing advice out of the Digital Advice tool. Learn some efficiencies in the digital editing tool, discover when its best to edit inside the digital tool and when its best to edit in the Word output.

Its best to have a foundation understanding of the Digital Advice tool before attending this session. Watch the Digital Advice Overview and Settings session on our eLearning site

12:30 p.m. Cashflow - Tips & Tricks
This session assumes you have a basic understanding of the Cashflow tool. In this session we will run through some frequently asked questions and tips and tricks when modelling strategies in the Cashflow tool.

A basic understanding of the Cashflow tool is required, please watch out Cashflow Basics sessions

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